The real purpose of any Intruder System is to give you the peace of mind of knowing that your family or Business are protected from unwanted visitors. Intruder / Burglar alarms are a crucial deterrent to intruders. Theft from businesses or homes is not just measured in terms of items taken, but also in the damage, disruption and the emotional effects of a burglary.

Our Engineers will fully explain the functionality of the system to you after installation. Every system installed shall be compliant with the standards of NSAI, and a Certificate issued to you the customer upon completion. This can be given to your insurance company for a home insurance discount.

We install wired, wireless and hybrid Intruder alarms and provide notification of alarm activation by; 

1: Monitored service from Gsm, Landline or Radio Link.

2: Text service via GSM.

3: Voice dialler from GSM or Landline.

Also new technology are developing all the time. App’s for smart phones to turn on/off and view logs are now a main-stream technology for communication. Please view the video provided.

Increasingly we are installing alarms with video verification. Alarms with video verification linked to a Smartphone App, provide more detail and real evidence that intruders are at your premises.


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